Cocopeat grow bags

About cocopeat grow bags

Cocopeat grow bags are most suitable for cultivation of vegetables, like tomato, cucumber, peppers etc. and fruits, flowers after planting grow bags from the palet plant hole should be cut but grows can do it according to the their requirements. Grow bag should be place on the level inside the green houses and grow bags should be handle very carefully while unloading time to prevent the slabs from breaking. If the slabs have broken then the expension after watering not even drip line should be insert to the grow bags depending on the number of plants plan to be planted per grow bags.

Ex:- 3 or 4 plants then you have to cut 3 or 4 holes.

Water the grow bags using the drips till the slab are fully saturated and stop watering just as water trees to come out of the cut plant holes and let for 12 hours. Make adequate drain holes in the bags to let the water out. Drain holes should be made between every plant holes and at both ends of the bag and let the added water drain from the bags. After that you can add the fertilizer plan through the drip till the slabs are fully saturated.

Ex:- approximately one liter for plant, now you can plant your crops in the bags.

These grow bags are made of specially design mixer of coco peat and coco husks, crush material and design to hold lesser volumes of water and have more air porosity. Grow bags are sleeved in coextruded polythine bags with customized UV treatment for intended crop and production cycle requirements.


100% coco peat and coco husks


We are produce different expension sizes and different mixes according to buyers requirement.

  • 100cm X 20cm X 8cm
  • 100cm X 20cm X 10cm
  • 100cm X 20cm X 12cm
  • 100cm X 20cm X 14cm
  • 100cm X 18cm X 10cm
  • 100cm X 18cm X 12cm
  • 100cm X 18cm X 14cm
  • 100cm X 15cm X 16cm
  • 100cm X 15cm X 14cm
  • 100cm X 15cm X 12cm
Example mixes

50:50 cocopeat : husks 60:40

using cocopeat to grow plants


people says about dilmin enterprise

We have gmp certificate

Dilmin coco is registered with coconut development board and certified world accepted GMP.