5kg blocks

About 5kg blocks

Coco blocks are made of compressed coco peat or husk chips. These blocks are made out of different mixtures to suit the buyers growing requirements. We can also add coco chips, coco peat or coco fine dust to these blocks mixtures if required. Individualy rap blocks or e block rap bundle or pallets or bulk loading can be supply.

Entire growing media for vegetable, flower, cultivations farms, green houses as well as use potting mixtures and soil conditions.


100% coco peat or husks or mixing cocopeat dust


28 X 28 X 12 or 15


4.5 or 5.0 +- 100Kg


60 or 70 litres

Ec level

Buyers requirement


Buyers requirement palet or bulk

  • One palet - 200
  • One palet - 216
  • One palet - 230
  • One palet - 240
  • One palet - 256
Example mixes

50:50 cocopeat : husks 60:40

people says about dilmin enterprise

We have gmp certificate

Dilmin coco is registered with coconut development board and certified world accepted GMP.